Asbestos Abatement

Because asbestos is known to be a major health and environmental hazard, the asbestos industry has become one of the most highly regulated industries in America. Proper management of testing, monitoring, handling and removal of asbestos is of critical importance.

WHERE IS IT? Asbestos may be found in many forms both inside and outside a building. Interior asbestos may be found in the form of paper or hard block insulation or as molded pipe insulation. Asbestos may also be found in floor tiles, sheet flooring, flooring glue, ceiling tiles, textured wall and ceilings, drywall joint compound, acoustical plaster and attic insulating materials. Exterior used for asbestos may include shingles, siding materials and asbestos cement pipes.

WHEN IS IT A DANGER? Asbestos in building materials is not always a healthy hazard. It becomes so with improper management in the workplace or home. It also is a potential health hazard if damaged or disturbed through renovation or demolition activities; thus the very presence of asbestos poses future liabilities for both property owner and architect.

HOW TO HANDLE IT? An asbestos consulting firm can test for the presence of asbestos and identify problem areas. Once an abatement plan has been established, our professional staff will schedule all abatement work with you. All employees of AQA are licensed and fully EPA accredited for all asbestos abatement activities.

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